The necessary process is divided in two blocks:

– Prepare the file which will be used to make the massive load. This file must have the extension “.csvseparated by ;. The first field must be the student’s NAME, the second field must be the SURNAMES, the third one must be the NIU (Student’s Identification Number) and the fourth field must be the GROUP’S NAME (which has previously been created in the Moodle Classroom). The easiest way to generate this file is creating an excel with 4 columns and introducing the corresponding information.

excelThe information on the first three columns can be obtained by going to Sigma and downloading or exporting the student lists.

– Finally, from the excel, save the document in format CSV (separated by commas) (*.csv).


– Click on the Turn editing on button.


– Click on the Add an activity or resource button in the corresponding section.

– Select the Group self-selection activity and click on the Add button.


– Fill only the required fields Name and Description and save the changes.

– Hide the activity, because students mustn’t see it.

– Click on the inscription’s name.


– Click on Examinar (Browse), to select the .csv file which contains the students’ data.

– Once the file is loaded, click on the Import button.

– Students will be automatically registered into the marked groups.

From this moment on, you can use these grouops to make different actions such as: