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How to record attendance automatically on the Virtual Campus. Use cases


The Virtual Campus offers this course the possibility of recording student attendance easily. Below are two use cases in which […]

Designing and evaluating paper-type exams in Moodle. Use case


The “Offline Test” activity is designed so that students can take a multiple choice test in person. The correction of […]

How to do a workshop. A simple case


In the activity Workshop the learner is prompted to submits a work and then evaluate the works of some peers. Therefore, it […]

Use cases. Management of groups in the classrooms and activities in groups


[Under review] This material has been developed by Enric Martí Gòdia (Department of Computer Science. Escola d’Enginyeria) and is valid […]

Case of use. How to create a group assignment


CASE Every student in the classroom (or a part of it) has access to the assignment. Only submits the work […]

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