By default, your classroom has the “oficial” students groups used in the creation. Usually are Sigma and/or TCS groups. You can check them at Participantsdrop-down menu of the wheel (located in the upper right corner) > Groups.


This page shows the list of groups and the students of each group. If this list is not updated, read the following information.

Also you are able to create other groups manually (subgroups). These groups will be added to this list. In order to create groups, look up the following information.

It’s possible to use all the groups to create specific activities, e.g. delivery works only for specific groups, send mensages or restrict the visibility of an activity or a resources.



A grouping is a set of groups. Once a grouping has been created, you can work with it as a group.

In order to create a grouping go to Participants > drop-down menu of the wheel (located in the upper right corner) > Groups, then click on Grouping menu. By default the “AGR_MOXXXX” grouping is always present. This grouping contains all the classroom groups. If you delete this grouping, it will appears the next day. The best option is to ignore it.

Click on Create grouping button, fill the grouping name and save the changes. Then it’s necessary to select the groups for this new grouping. Click on his Show groups in grouping button.

Select the groups from Potential members, to move them to Existing members using the Add button. When finish, click on the Back to groupings button.