Communitation environnements offer, into the Virtual Campus, a space to:

  • Coordinator users, who are able to publish information and news.
  • All students and teachers of a degree, faculty, PhD,… who are able to access to all published information or los coordinadores y recibir los avisos.

They are moodle classrooms that have a restricted set of tools to facilitate communication with the large volume of users that have access.

The tools available to users with the “Teacher” role are the following:

  • Communication tools:
    • Announcements and news forum
    • Forum activity
    • Message sending
  • Content publishing tools (resources):
    • Folder, tag, file, book, page, url.

The users with “student” rol:

  • They receive all the emails with the announcements and/or news that are published in the “Announcement and News Forum” or in the other forums that are created, as well as the messages.
  • They can see all the information posted on the forums, but you can’t reply in the same forum. The reason is that it could involve a large volume of responses from the N potential students.
  • They cannot consult the list of participants. The reason is to avoid mass mailings.
  • They can consult and download the published content.

Download the guide [Available in catalan]