IMPORTANT. If you already have a Communication classrooom in the previous academic year, you can reactivate it autonomously in the current academic year.

If you belong to the coordination team of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, you are (Vice) Dean or Center Director, you can request a Communication Space (or a coordination space).

To apply:

Request forms for actions related to the Virtual Campus

  • click on Alta espai de comunicació,
  • fill in the form with the requested information:
    • Space name. For example: Chemistry Degree communication space.
    • NIUs of the coordinators who will have the “teacher” role. A priori, only one is sufficient, since a coordinator will be able to register or dismiss people with the role of “teacher”.
    • Codes of the study plans of the degree, faculty, doctorate… They serve to give access both to the student body that is enrolled and to the teaching staff that appears as holder in Sigma of subjects that belong to the Title. IMPORTANT: in both cases the access will be with the “student” role.