It is necessary that the two classrooms (origin and destination) are in the same academic year, whichever is active.

Before beginning to move, it is important to make sure that the destination classroom has the same structure as the source classroom. That is, they must have the same format (by topics, by weeks…) and also the same number of items (weeks/topics) to show. These options are accessible from the menu “Edit settings” in the classroom.
In case they don’t have the same structure, the material will be imported as well but it will be disorganized in the destination classroom.

  • To import another Moodle Classroom’s materials to the current Moodle Classroom, access to the drop-down menu of the wheel (located in the upper right corner) and click on Import.

  • A list of the active Moodle Classrooms will appear. Select the correct one and click on Continue button.

  • Click on Jump to final step. The migration will begin. Depending on the material’s size, this might be a slow process. A progress bar will appear.

  • Once the import is complete, click on Continue to go back to the course.