1. Access Campus Virtual (https://cv.uab.cat) and click on the activity.


  1. You will see the diferent phases of the workshop and the one in which the activity is at that moment.

IMPORTANT: if  you are in the Submission phase and you cannot submit your work is because the workshop has not yet began. Check the beginning date.

Workshop phases


  1. Click on Instructions for submission in order to know how to do your work.


  1. If the activity is already available click on Your submission and then, click on Start preparing your submission.

Submit your work


  1. Introduce your submission title.

Field to introduce a title


  1. In your computer, look for the file containing your work and drag and drop it to upload it.

IMPORTANT: check the type of files accepted.

Area to drag and drop files


  1. Check your file has been properly uploaded.

File uploaded

  1. Click on Save changes to end the process.

Save changes button


  1. If you need to you can edit you submission again (by clicking on Edit submission) or you can delete it (by clicking on Delete submission).

IMPORTANT: you can modify your submission when you are still in the submission phase.

Edit and delete buttons