Moodle Classrooms are structured in 2 or 3 columns. On the left, links to the sections in the classroom are shown, as well as other important navigation links. On the right, if activated, you will see the blocks (they add different functionalities). In the central column the course sections are shown, where the resources and activities are created.

Structure in a Moodle classroom

The information and the functionalities of the room change depending on the role. A student will have less functionalities and information than a teacher.
So, basically a student will be able to access to contents, make activities and see its qualifications.
A teacher will be able to modify the content of the room. To make changes, the professor has available the Turn editing on functionality to modify the aspect and the contents of the room.

Link turn the editing on

The modification possibilities are:

  • Adding / Removing / Moving and Hiding blocks.

Blocks management

  • Adding / Deleting / Modifying / Moving and Hiding resources and activities.

Editing options

  • Moving / Hiding the course sections.

Section editing

It is possible to check how the student sees the classroom. To do so, go to Switch role to… -> Student in the Administration block.

To go back to your role, click on Return to my normal role.