Regulations and conditions of use of the Online Campus


This warning must be read and regulated the conditions of use that must be observed and respected by users of this website. It is important to read it carefully since the act of accessing the website and using the materials it contains implies that the user has read and accepted the following conditions without reservation.

1. General information

The owner of the website is the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (hereinafter the UAB), with registered address at UAB Campus (08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona), and tax number (CIF) Q0818002H.

These regulations on the Online Campus website aim to allow the university community to communicate information in a decentralised manner and also to rationalise the technical resources and means available on the computer network of the UAB.

2. Conditions of use of the website

In accordance with current legislation on intellectual property, all the content of this website, the graphic design and the codes are the property of the UAB or has sufficient authorisation to be able to use them.

The transmission, distribution, cession, reproduction or transformation of the content of the website without the express written consent of the UAB.

The UAB will not be responsible for any infraction in the matter of intellectual property committed by the users of this website. See the Internal regulations governing the treatment of content on the Online Campus and the Conditions of use of digital protected works in Virtual Campus.

As part of its activity the UAB will make different content available to users so that they can make rational use of it and meet their requirements for information for teaching, academic, scientific or similar purposes, not for commercial use.

This website contains the links or hyperlinks which take you to other websites managed by third parties outside or organisation. The UAB therefore cannot guarantee the content or the information that is collected from those websites nor its veracity or whether it is up to date, nor be responsible for it.

Without prejudice to the above there is a series of teaching and institutional services offered by the UAB in restricted areas of the website whose use is subject to the international regulations of the UAB.

3. Conditions of use

The acceptance of a password to access the Online Campus of the UAB implies acceptance by the user of the following terms and conditions of use:

  1. Users must make use of the computer resources only for academic and scientific activities, communication and management related to the activity they carry out at the UAB, in accordance with the established instructions. Users must respect the current legislation on intellectual property for the different materials accessible through the Online Campus, whether property of the university, members of the university community or third parties. See the Internal regulations governing the treatment of content on the Online Campus and the Conditions of use of the works in the CEDRO catalogue covered by the licence contract. The content, images or documents that make up the Online Campus may not be reproduced, distributed, communicated publicly or modified without authorisation. The exception this is the possibility of the user making a copy for personal use on their computer of the materials which may be accessed or having a printed copy for the purposes of study, research or administration.
  2. Users must respect all confidential information or information for restricted use that they may have access to as users of the Online Campus, in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Personal Data and the general applicable regulations. See the UAB regulations on the protection of personal data.
  3. The password supplied by the UAB to each user to access the Online Campus is personal and non-transferrable and so any activity carried out under a specific password shall be assumed to have been carried out by its owner.
  4. Each user must take care to avoid access by other users or people who are not permitted access to the Online Campus, and in the same way they must not interfere or attempt to interfere with information belonging to another user.
  5. The failure to fulfil these conditions of use will be reported to the academic authorities of the UAB so that they may take the appropriate action in line with current regulations.

4. Protection of personal data

Please read the regulations of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona on the protection of personal data at the following link: Regulations of the UAB on the protection of personal data.

5. Issue of certificates for teaching staff

Certificates of use for the Online Campus for teaching staff are issued only for the two academic years prior to the current year.