Teaching staff: first steps in Moodle

If you are beginner in  Moodle this information could be useful!


New academic course 2017-2018 in Virtual Campus is already active!

If you are teacher, you can activate yours subjects following instructions.

If you are student, your enrolled subjects will appear gradually when teachers proceed with the activation.

In order to access to previous course 2016-2017 subjects follow these instructions.


Publicació de materials al Campus Virtual

Amb l’objectiu de facilitar que l’alumnat pugui disposar de forma àgil del material docent que fins ara es dipositava al servei de reprografia, el professorat el podrà publicar al Campus Virtual de la UAB a partir del curs vinent 2017-18.

En cas que aquest material contingui obra subjecta a drets d’autor, es podrà publicar igualment al Campus Virtual de la UAB, en les mateixes condicions com sempre s’ha fet al servei de reprografia.

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Teaching staff: self-learning Moodle course is open!


If you are teacher and you’d like to learn how to use Moodle, you can sign to: Self-learning Moodle course [available in catalan].


Teaching staff: you have new features!

Creating test classrooms

Do you want to activate a test classroom to learn and experience with the tools Moodle offers you with total freedom? You can check the instructions to activate it here (available in catalan).

First steps in Moodle

If you are beginners at Moodle, this section is for you! (available in catalan) The content is a 6-step guided walkthrough. If you follow them, you will quickly learn the basic actions to have your room ready. We recommend you to download the manual so that you can always check it quickly.

Update of the Virtual Campus’ help

Now finding Moodle’s help is easier! We have added more contents and categories, as well as a searcher.



Towards a new Virtual Campus based on Moodle


During the academic year 2015-2016 there was a process of coexistence between the classic Virtual Campus and the Moodle classrooms. This coexistence was also active during the current course 2016-2017.

Now we are in a new stage that aims to complete the migration to the Moodle classrooms in place of the Classic Campus environment. This process will end when all the subjects of the new 2017-2018 course will be available in the Moodle classrooms.


Take a look at the briefings content [New!]


Teaching staff: I will be able to use in Moodle environment the tools that I used in Virtual Campus (classic)?

Yes, each Virtual Campus (classic) tool has his equivalent Moodle tool. Here you can check the list.

In addition, Moodle offers more interesting functionalities. Download the user’s guide (only available in catalan) and take a look at the “11. ANNEX I. ACTIVITATS DISPONIBLES” (page 92) section.