Attendance, Offline test and Active quiz. Documentation available in Campus

Wishing to use new tools in your courses? Documentation of the new activities in Campus are available:

Attendance  – students attendance control.

Offline test – design and automatical evaluation in the Moodle classroom, on-campus exam.

Active quiz – class dynamization using interacting quizzes.

Do you need to travel to the UAB during mobility restrictions?

Self-responsible travel statement

Students who have to carry out face-to-face teaching and assessment activities during the night restricting mobility, under restrictions of entry and exit mobility from the territory of Catalonia or under restrictions of entry and exit mobility of the municipality, you can request the self-responsible declaration of travel, using the following form: Self-responsible travel statement.

It must be accessed with the NIU and password.

Once you’ve filled out the form, the answer page contains a link to the PDF that you need to download at the same time (can’t be accessed later); if you do not do so, you will need to complete another application.

Nous cursos a UAB Idiomes: consulta les novetats del segon semestre

Imatge anunciant l'oferta de cursos d'idiomes a la UAB

Matrícula oberta als mòduls del segon semestre i a la incorporació a mig curs en els cursos anuals de 104 hores d’alemany (A1 i A2) i d’anglès (B1 a C1.2). Consulta i aquestes i altres novetats del Servei de Llengües per aquest proper semestre.

Més informació al web del Servei de Llengües.

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