Update /12/2021:

  • Modification in how accessing Teams.
  • Review of links mentioned in the guide.


Update 23/09/2021:

  • Modifications about how to share the recording.
  • Indications to avoid other attendees record the class.


Update 10/11/2020:

  • Directions to ensure that students have access to the meeting chat if the teacher works with a Class team.


Update 05/11/2020:

  • Modifications in the wording of points 8 and 9 in section 2. Meeting with direct access and in points 3 and 4 in section 3. Meeting using the option waiting in a lobby.


Update 09/07/2020:

  • Recorded video is available from the meeting chat.


Update 04/09/2020:

  • Direct access meeting
  • Meeting with waiting room

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